Tuesday, August 7, 2012

György Ligeti - Edition (Collection)

hello again! just checking up, hiya! :)

just fyi, edition 7 does not feature the song below (continuum), i believe it is in 5, but the entire collection is totally worth finding. 

btw, edition 8 is la grand macabre, ligeti's insane opera about the events leading up to the apocalypse, and the inevitability of death. it features a car horn opening, a door bell solo, a debate between two political parties (black and white) which consists of only direct insults and immature gestures, and a hilarious piece in which a man dressed as the moon (he's the king/mayor) receives coded messages from the head of the secret service. did i mention almost the entire play is a serial 12-tone composition (perfectly atonal, mathematically speaking). find a recording of it if you can!